It hardly seems possible that Thanksgiving is a few days away. Two weeks ago, I was walking through the streets of my alma mater’s town, basking in the Southern California sunshine, hunting for jewelry at our favorite boutique. I attended several events for the Los Angeles Review, where I read slush, and met with other writers and artists for a full and exhausting ten days. There wasn’t time to rest when I returned home. There’s editing for another magazine, workshop tasks, and oh yes, that novel I’ve been finishing.

Whenever I talk to my mom on the phone, she says “It’s just one thing after another.” And she’s right. But the older I get the more I believe that those things *are* life. Those things *are* the journey we take. Sometimes pleasant and sometimes horrible, things are the part and parcel of the road. Waiting for them to clear off to start doing what we want to do is an exercise in futility. Despite being busier than ever, I’ve done a good job of keeping on task for my November 30th deadline to finish Letters to Zell.

A few other things have happened in the meantime:

  • My story, “The Search” came out at Bumples interactive, online magazine for kids. I wrote “The Search” during the Clarion West 2012 Write-a-thon. The characters were named by one of my sponsors and the imagery of the final tableau was sent to me by another sponsor. The editor in chief of Bumples has asked that the yak from the story stay on in Bumpleville and I couldn’t be happier to agree.
  • After many trips into the personal rejection pile, my beloved story “Robodog” has finally found a home in Dragon Roost Press‘ as yet untitled anthology to benefit canine rescue. Editor Michael Cieslak tells us proceeds from the book will help puppies find homes. I couldn’t be happier that the story ended up here.
  • The “Farewell” issue of Skive Magazine was released in advance of it’s December 1st target date. Copies can be purchased in ebook or in a huge, gorgeous print edition.
  • I can also announce officially that my fantasy “Songs of the Sea” will be featured in the 2014 anthology The Sea via Dark Continents Press. I’ll be working with editor Nerine Dorman on edits over the next couple of months.
  • And, finally, the lush and beautiful WhiskeyPaperaccepted “Think About Airplanes,” a literary fiction story of dreams and loneliness and coming of age in a single terrible moment.

xo and happy holidays. I’m thankful to you for reading.

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