I’ve never had a day like Sunday. It was almost comedic in its bounty.

It didn’t start out hopeful, with A leaving for Boston again — this time for a month. When I got home from the airport, I had an email. My story, “The Spider,” was chosen third in the thrice-yearly On The Premises contest marking my first official pro sale.

I was so busy celebrating that I was almost late to rehearsal. And rehearsal smelled like feet. And I wanted to be somewhere else, somewhere where people cared that I had sold a story, not whether I had scissors or bobby pins.

During a break between acts, I checked my email again. An email from my favorite online magazine Used Furniture Review notified me that my column proposal had been accepted, so I now have a monthly gig that I completely adore. This morning, when I opened my email, the box was full of writing related work tasks and I can’t believe that I’ve been lucky enough to turn this into my vocation. Now, back to writing…

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