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Today I’m up at Every Day Fiction with “My Girl,” the story of a car who’s losing her owner. Though I realize this is probably a sign that I’ll be crazy within a few years, running around in long johns and a tinfoil hat, the story was hard for me to write without some tears. Yes, it’s somewhat autobiographical. And yes, I ascribed those feelings to my piece of rolling metal. And yes, the new car is like a vapid supermodel — beautiful but frail. Every time a car like my old car drives by, I almost drive off the road trying to see if it’s mine.

2 thoughts on “New Story at Every Day Fiction

  1. Hi Camille,

    I record podcasts for Every Day Fiction, which are then recorded by Folly Blaine and put up on the site and on iTunes. I really loved your story, and I think it would make a wonderful podcast. Would you be interested in having us record it?

    I’m an actor and writer based in New York. Here’s a link to a recent podcast:

    My email is

    All the best,

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