New Sale: Unidentified Funny Objects

I’ve never liked the idea of zombies. I certainly never thought I’d be able to write a zombie story until I read William Jablonsky’s brilliant “The Death and Life of Bob” in Shimmer (#16). That story helped me understand that to write about anything, all one has to do is frame it within a tangible reference point. I thought of all the ways to do just that, patted myself on the head, and promptly forgot about it. Last fall, I found myself a member of an anthology challenge group, staring a zombie prompt right in the face.
At the same time, I was also working with fairy tales, particularly puzzling over Rapunzel’s parents. How could they simply trade their child for lettuce? So reaching into the dark expanse of the unwritten fairy tale, the story of Squire Ulrich and the Zombunny was born.
I sold this long (for me) 5K word story this month to Unidentified Funny Objects 3, a wildly successful series edited by VP classmate & short story expert Alex Schvartsman. We’re still going back and forth on the name of the story — it’s a difficult task. But I’m thrilled to be sharing a TOC with the likes of Piers Anthony & Tina Connolly. Writing humor is tricky and I’m glad our Zombunny has found a nice home warren, expected in the fall of 2014.

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