Yellow Shoes

Back in September — lo, when the world was a simpler place — I bought two pairs of shoes. A sturdy red pair for walking and a yellow pair of slip-on flats. I walked myself into blisters in the red pair on a trip to Oklahoma to see friends (and the visit was well worth it), so the yellow shoes were my best friends on the airport ride home.

I’ve since worn those shoes to Ohio, Montana, Montana again, Ohio again, DC, and the Rainforest near Lake Quinault. For the past month or so, I’ve been lucky enough to be home and the yellow shoes have had a bit of a rest, which is good, because they are about to fall apart. They’re an apt metaphor for my state of mind, which has needed some rejuvenation. I’ve started back on my third novel in earnest, with a slight detour for puppy knee surgery for Hippo.

In the next months, I’ll put the yellow shoes back on and head to California a few times and, if I’m lucky, swing past Montana. But here at home, I’ll be teaching at a super cool workshop called The Seattle Writing Workshop on May 6th in Redmond, across the pond. I’d love to see you there, talk books, read manuscripts, and do the old network-over-wine stuff (always a fun part of any conference), meeting up with friends old and new. You can read more about the event here.

Wishing you a wonderful April of writing, reading, and Spring-greeting. xo