The Sea

Update 8/27/14: Editor Nerine Dorman has found a new home for this anthology. An updated purchase link will be provided as soon as we have access.

Update 8/13/14: Dark Continents Press has sadly closed its doors. I have a few copies of The Sea in paperback and, of course, the electronic version if you are interested in reading. Please contact me for details.

“Songs of the Sea,” my first and (only) pirate story is out today in Dark Continents Press’ beautiful anthology, The Sea. Available now electronically with paperback version to follow.

Thanks for reading. xo

You Said There Wouldn’t Be Bears

Up today at Big Truths (a division of the beautiful Little Fiction), my segmented essay “You Said There Wouldn’t Be Bears” explores fear and the times in life when fear surprises us.

These days, You Said There Wouldn’t Be Bears is a personal refrain. Every time I’m hyperbolic (which is a lot, surprise) or prone to generalities and pronouncements (also a lot), I hear it in my head. The humbling bear bounds down the mountain and makes me re-examine from whence my bluster comes. But the less I know I know, the less scared I become.

Thanks for reading. xo