The Los Angeles Review

I’m so excited to share the news that I’ve joined the staff of The Los Angeles Review as a fiction assistant. I’m excited, not only because the magazine is superlative in content, but because I’ll also have the unmitigated pleasure of working with Yi Shun Lai — writer, editor, triathlete, volunteer, dog parent, and my editor so many halcyon years ago at the Claremont Collage.

LAR’s July submission window is open for fiction submissions through August 17th. Issue 15 will be dedicated to Peggy Shumaker. More info can be found here.

The Call of the Road

Hippocampus Magazine is out today with their annual themed issue. This year, it’s all about the siren song of the Road Trip. I’m featured there with a piece about our ill fated Blazer and how its destruction symbolized starting afresh in ways I’d never expected. Please stop by and check out this wonderful issue and support Hippocampus, a magazine dedicated to the craft of non-fiction.

I am a road trip aficionado. My favorite snacks are bugles and Reeses peanut butter cups. (I know, I know, but, see, it doesn’t count when you’re driving.) I haven’t had my summer road trip just yet because, well, so far summer has been at best complicated. But I will be road tripping in August with a couple of my dearest old friends. I’m so excited because it’s rare at our age (mid thirties) that life affords you such a luxury. I’ll be writing more about that trip and the delights on each end both formally and informally. I’m looking forward to embracing the chaos the coming months will bring and experiencing all the wonderful surprises a girl can have when she simply lets go of the f*cking calendar and lives.