Happy Thanksgiving (Weekend)

I’m in Montana for a couple of weeks. We lost my grandfather a month ago and so I’ve continued to go back and forth to lend a hand. It’s been somber but sweet. This time together is good and I give thanks for that gift.

In the meantime, if you can stand to read about food, I have a Thanksgiving themed piece this week at Punchnel’s and a short fiction tale over at Fiction365. Love to you and yours.

New Story at Every Day Fiction

Today I’m up at Every Day Fiction with “My Girl,” the story of a car who’s losing her owner. Though I realize this is probably a sign that I’ll be crazy within a few years, running around in long johns and a tinfoil hat, the story was hard for me to write without some tears. Yes, it’s somewhat autobiographical. And yes, I ascribed those feelings to my piece of rolling metal. And yes, the new car is like a vapid supermodel — beautiful but frail. Every time a car like my old car drives by, I almost drive off the road trying to see if it’s mine.