Viable Paradise XVI

Today I am allowed to spill the proverbial beans. I’ve been accepted into this year’s class of Viable Paradise 16. VP is a writing workshop held in October in the beautiful locale of Martha’s Vineyard. I’m so excited to spend time with other writers in such a beautiful place and I know that it will be an amazing opportunity to make my project more than it could have ever been in the vacuum of my own office.

I’ve been so fortunate, lately, that I can hardly get my head around this news. Suffice it to say, I cannot wait. To all my new friends, hello! I am looking forward to our adventure. xo


The order of things

If you’re like me, the process of thinking then doing can often get reversed. Particularly when things are complex, I tend to do things and then ponder their consequences.

Yesterday, I had the extreme joy of seeing my column debut at Used Furniture Review. When I wrote the column, I wasn’t thinking about it getting accepted. That gave me the license to write something very honest. While at first that was very hard to do in front of people, it’s getting easier. Onwards…


I’ve never had a day like Sunday. It was almost comedic in its bounty.

It didn’t start out hopeful, with A leaving for Boston again — this time for a month. When I got home from the airport, I had an email. My story, “The Spider,” was chosen third in the thrice-yearly On The Premises contest marking my first official pro sale.

I was so busy celebrating that I was almost late to rehearsal. And rehearsal smelled like feet. And I wanted to be somewhere else, somewhere where people cared that I had sold a story, not whether I had scissors or bobby pins.

During a break between acts, I checked my email again. An email from my favorite online magazine Used Furniture Review notified me that my column proposal had been accepted, so I now have a monthly gig that I completely adore. This morning, when I opened my email, the box was full of writing related work tasks and I can’t believe that I’ve been lucky enough to turn this into my vocation. Now, back to writing…

Clarion West Write-a-thon

Clarion West (CW) is an organization that helps writers, established and emerging, hone their skills, develop a community, and share resources. Without the classes and networking that the organization has provided, I’d still be a long ways away from the things I’ve already accomplished. Each Year CW raises money via their annual Write-a-thon. Writers like me ask for modest donations on behalf of the organization. Then we spend the six weeks between June 17 and July 27 working towards our stretch goals.

This year, I’ll be writing at least six flash fiction (short stories under 1000 words) inspired by children’s songs and rhymes.

Week 1: Teddy Bear’s Picnic + Jack and Jill
Week 2: Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly + Little Miss Muffett + Itsy Bitsy Spider
Week 3: Three Blind Mice + Hickory Dickory Dock
Week 4: Old McDonald + Farmer in the Dell
Week 5: Mother Hubbard + Jack Sprat
Week 6: Peter Pumpkin Eater + The Muffin Man

I’m asking my supporters to sponsor me with a $10 donation in hopes of raising $200. In order that you have something to show for your gift, I will be offering incentives for those who’d like to have a little fun in the process:

For every $10 donated to Clarion West, you can either:

1. Become “Tuckerized” (your name or the name of someone you love will be used in a story as a character)


2. specify a place or setting in one of the stories


3. supply three words to be integrated into the story

For $50, I will write a story with all of the above included and you can supply the story or prompt of your choosing.

More information, as well as the donation instructions can be found here:


It’s been quite a year already, as is evidenced by my empty blog. I had some excitement when a short piece was published in the “Readers Report” section of “The Rumpus.” And next week, I’ll be rolling out my Clarion West Write-a-thon page for the six-week fundraiser. During that time, I’ll be writing and traveling and dancing, dividing my time between Seattle and Montana.It promises to be an exciting summer — I feel on the verge.