Has Kindle Killed the Book Cover? – Betsy Morais – Entertainment – The Atlantic


Has Kindle Killed the Book Cover? – Betsy Morais – Entertainment – The Atlantic.

E-readers have forced a lot of uncomfortable change on the publishing industry. I remember when the concept was first announced, I declared that those things would never be allowed in my house. Until there was one in my house and it gave me the opportunity to read anywhere and everywhere. And I was reading more because I could buy a book anytime. And that now everyone could read more. Holy shit, I thought, everyone should have one of these.

Watching the art form change is indeed somewhat painful, whether you’re referring to the writing or a book’s adornments. (For the record, I felt the same about album covers, but still enjoy them electronically). If I could skip ahead ten years to see what sort of fantastic device the e-reader will be, I bet I’d report back that the writing and the trimmings are and will ever remain art. The interviewees are correct — we’ll all wade into this experience together which is likely to make what comes out the other side a truly novel product. (groan)

Fighting hate with hate…


I’ve been thinking a bit about the news lately — especially hate crimes: the Trayvon Martin murder and the NOM bullshit. I’ve been listening to a lot of what’s being said by various people and watching responses via social media. And what I begin to wonder is again about our rhetoric.

I don’t think we can fight hate with hate and violence with violence. Calling someone a hairy-nippled cuntbag sure feels great, but it doesn’t actually do anything to solve the issues of intolerance and racism. There is indeed a time for anger, but I think we do well to try to temper that as we try to have a healing dialogue as a nation.

Wishful thinking.



I open my window shades when it rains and shutter them from the sun. I feel badly for people with SAD, but I can’t identify in any way. Every time it starts to rain with any intensity, I stare out the window with my tea and I feel as if I’m ten years old. Everything is new again. I love living here.