Some excuses for blog neglect…

Hello blog. I’ve missed you. Well, a little. See, I’ve had my hands in quite a few pies these last couple of weeks. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Writing several shorts: Mouse Trap (75 words), The Spider (1000 words), Sassy (1000 words), and The Artist (250 words). All need a few rounds of editing and a home. I’ve also outlined a new essay and have plans for another 1000+ word story. I’m working on shorts right now for several reasons — my travel schedule is such that it’s hard to buckle down on the novel, I’m trying to make myself move more slowly with the novel, and working on shorter pieces is good exercise for honing that voice of mine.
  • Critiquing at! This week I viewed a Horror synopsis and a fantasy short story. I really love critiquing. I hope, at some point, that I can edit for others, as well as myself. I’m trying to do 2 a week and can hopefully increase as time goes on.
  • I’m also working on a grant application to help fund my non-income-earning self.
  • I’m also seriously considering more non traditional options for my YA novel project and have broken out the tried and true pros and cons list. So we’ll see. All and all, it’s a very exciting time, despite also being a strange time.

We’ll see how this burst of creativity pans out in the coming months…

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