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Every year the agonizing choice hounds us as the autumn turns the leaves to golden, amber, and red: to turn on the heat or not to turn on the heat. Besty Friend and the Las Vegas-born puppy were almost popsicles this morning, so I bowed to the 57 degree temperature reading and flipped the heat to ON.

Besides this valiant seasonal battle, there’s a lot going on around here. After visiting Tulsa and then stopping in at the Montana Book Fest, I’m home for a few weeks before continuing on to Columbus for World Fantasy. In November, I’ve been invited to do a couple of special readings. 1. On November 2, I’ll join The Gay Uncle Time to read some summer camp stories for their theme, Bless the Beasts & the Children. On the 15th, I”ll be reading for the Inkwell Seattle series celebrating this quarter’s theme of Dystopias! More info on all of these can be found on my event page.

Hope to see you all out and about. xo

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