On the Road, On the Pages

Once upon a time I wrote a story. That time was last summer and I was thinking a lot about loneliness and what happened when your life sort of derailed in front of you. But even amidst my navel gazing, I was writing a cycle of flash reinterpreting nursery rhymes. Though I was feeling pretty low, I wanted to write about a man who reminded me of a friend of mine who was finally catching a break in life. The story, as is a lot of my work, is sarcastic and sweet at the same time. One might have to dig a bit to unearth the levels I tried to write this piece on, but regardless, I’m ecstatic that cahoodleloodaling took “Man in the Moon” for their speculative issue.

Because I’ll be eating my summer share of bugles and peanut butter cups floating over the flat wide interstates of northern America next week, I’ll also announce that the 13th will see the publication of my flash piece, “Negative Amortization” by my old friends at Every Day Fiction. On the 15th, Song Story Press is slated to release the e-book version of Song Stories: Blaze of Glory. More soon.


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