I Sold My Novel! — Or The Thing I’ve Dreamed of My Whole Life

Lucky for me, contract negotiations take a little while. That’s good because I’ve been puzzling over the best way to announce the novel that demanded to be written — my epistolary, fairy-tales-invade-Los Angeles novel, Letters to Zell, has been bought by 47North and I will soon embark upon the last leg of the publishing journey for this particular project.

The sanguine side of me says, tell them again how you’ve always wanted this with your entire soul and that your brain never shuts off and that you can’t believe the gamble you made with your job and everything else actually paid off it’s like a dream come true or your very own fairy tale you can’t believe you haven’t woken up yet.

The other side says, shut up, just announce it like a professional and be done with it. Let people think you’ve got this all under control.

So like a true Gemini, maybe I can give you both. I sold my book and if all goes to plan you, dear reader, will be able to read it in June of 2015. (OMG! OMG! OMG! *Epic Squee*)

Thanks to everyone for the support. It truly means the world to me. Special thanks, of course, to my agent Cameron McClure for all of her patient guidance through this process. And of course to everyone over at 47North, especially my acquiring editor, Jason Kirk. I’m so looking forward to what’s next.


4 thoughts on “I Sold My Novel! — Or The Thing I’ve Dreamed of My Whole Life

  1. From one Gemini to another, Yay! Congratulations! Can’t wait to read it. The path you’ve traveled is a long and often arduous one, and you have every reason to squee. I’ll join my squee voice with yours.

    • Thanks, Steve. To be honest, the public celebration is more emotional than I expected. I can’t believe how much support I’m getting from so many separate times/places/people in my life. Everyone from my undeclared 6th grade crush to writers I’ve only just met. I’m overwhelmed by how many amazing, talented, compassionate people I’ve been privileged to cross paths with (yourself included). My cup truly runneth over.

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