I admire people who set goals. I am not one of them. I prefer nebulous targets over clear deadlines and have mercifully gotten by with that for most of my life. That all changed, though, when I began writing full time. Part of that is because I felt I needed to be accountable to those who were supporting me. The first year threw me some curve balls and yet I was able to attend workshops and take classes and hit more than a few publishing milestones. Last fall I declared that 2013 was to be the year where I won something (I did!) and found my way into at least one anthology (it appears that the 2013 count will be 3).

Earlier this week, Song Story Press’ Song Stories: Blaze of Glory was released in paperback and for the Kindle. I’m enjoying the process as a contributor and am looking forward to the arrival of a shiny paperback version this afternoon to enjoy as a reader. It’s a big milestone for me, even though the year has already been rewarding and eventful. I hope you enjoy the anthology as much as I do. xo

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