Today’s lotto drawing is apparently up to $640 Million. This is funny because we as a society get really excited about $500 Million but not $200 Million — chump change, really. But I really do enjoy the collective excitement. The crackle in the air when it gets discussed. I like being a “new” lotto ticket buyer. I like thinking about all the people just like me who have their little tickets tucked safely away in their purses or pockets or paperback who have allowed themselves just a few moments to dream.

I read a quote by one gentleman who described it as cheap entertainment — a license to daydream for a few days. As a writer, I daydream quite a bit (it’s one of my best skills), but I don’t daydream much for myself anymore. So I thought I’d join in. If the lotto ticket in my little red purse is the winner, here’s what I’d do:

  1. Procure and imbibe a large amount of champagne (Krug)
  2. Re-hire the house cleaners
  3. Get a lawyer and a financial advisor
  4. Pick a pen name so that I could keep writing
  5. Buy house with big windows, maybe a water view and an office for both of us. And that elusive “one more room” that everyone needs.
  6. Buy Adam a Lambo or a new Vette
  7. Buy self a restored Lotus Esprit Turbo or Alpha Brera
  8. Travel to Germany at least twice a year
  9. Spend more time in LA and Napa/Sonoma
  10. Buy spare house in Montana
  11. Invest
  12. Be a philanthropist — try to get on some boards. I haven’t been on a board since college. I want to be on a board.
  13. Overhaul wardrobe, buy more shoes
  14. Get one of those walk in glamour closets with a club chair or some such nonsense.

There isn’t much more I would change. Of course I would make sure our families were secured for the future, etc. But in our own lives, there’s really not much more that I would change with more money. If I could I’d throw the whole wad to get rid of Pop’s lung cancer, but it doesn’t work that way. I really couldn’t be much happier.


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