Yesterday was a big day. An essay I wrote this spring was published at Punchnel’s, a amazing online magazine based in Indianapolis. I’d had a hard time placing the piece. It wasn’t funny enough to be humor but it wasn’t literary enough to land me a place in a woman focused literary mag. I knew it needed a home, though, as it is a special piece — one I had to write in order to get on with my life.

When a piece gets to the right home, several special things happen. First, you see it and you’re proud of it. There’s a joy and a wonder — did you really write that? My piece was beautifully edited and illustrated. They cared for it as their own. Then, they promoted the shit out of it. I’m so grateful and so humbled. Writers who I admire a great deal stopped by on Facebook, Twitter, or email to tell me they liked it. My friends chimed in with support. Complete strangers left notes or posted it to their own Facebook pages. When the people say to you, “Yes. This,” those are the best days.

I’m so proud the piece ended up there. I can’t wait to write more for them and I can’t say enough about their crew. Like them, support them, submit to them.

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