Friday, Volume 1.

Today I ventured forth into the world to accomplish two things.

Firstly, I claimed my new Starbucks base. It is located in a dumpier strip mall just south of my house. The strip mall also usefully houses a liquor store, a sushi joint (its a ringer — excellent), and a liquor store among many other establishments that I do not frequent. Said strip mall is not within walking distance, but close enough to be a partner to Friday lunch outings and the like. I’ve been to this Starbucks before and the employees are always unique characters — far more welcoming than the average barista and, in many cases, quite vivacious. This will help to complete what I am actually here for which isn’t coffee; its people watching.

And just in case any of you would like to take this opportunity to debate the relative merits of Starbucks, let me stop you right here. It’s a good company run by people whose values I mostly share (I like nationally consistent coffee and I also like gays. I could also care less about the NBA). I’ve been a consumer of their products since the age of 14, so while I am well aware of the fact that they’re an evil bad corporation, I still love Starbucks. Ahem.

Secondly, I’ve started what will tentatively become my Friday blog post theme. I will go out into the world, observe, and then write about what I see. Maybe a character, maybe several. Maybe a situation. Regardless, this should be fun. For me, at least. Today’s exercise is an observational stream of consciousness. It may not be very interesting. If you don’t want to read what I saw, then simply don’t click below. No hard feelings.

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